Enjoy the experience of a Lifetime!

Sailing to the most magical islands on our stunning yacht.

Our elegant schooner ‘The Blue’ has been designed and custom fitted to accommodate everything required of a luxury yacht charter. We look forward to providing you a relaxed sailing experience through South East Asia and the Maldives.

Relaxed island hopping to unforgettable destinations

If you love the ocean, sailing, swimming, snorkeling and diving in some of the most magical locations in the world, then this is your next adventure.
Our crew will take care of every detail to insure you have a unforgettable experience.


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Where is your next adventure taking you?

South East Asia is a region of astonishing cultural diversity, encompassing hundreds of languages, dialects and a sweeping variety of excellent cuisines.

Diving and Snorkeling

At the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand, the “Land of a Thousand Smiles,” is a country proud of its…

The Maldives

Enjoy the sunny side of Life The Maldives provide beautiful sunny weather all year long, the best waves in…

The Komodo Islands

The Komodo Islands – Indonesia Remote and beautiful, the Komodo islands in eastern Indonesia form one of the last…


Raja Ampat – Indonesia Raja Ampat is celebrated for the prehistoric beauty of its limestone karsts and scattered cays…
Alor Archipelago and Flores Island

Alor Archipelago and Flores Island

The Alor Archipelago The Alor Archipelago comprises of 20 islands in the furthest reaches of the Lesser Sunda Islands…

Incredible Indonesia – Yacht Charters

Incredible Indonesia Indonesia is the world’s largest island country, and home to more than thirteen thousand islands. This beguiling…

Amazing Anambas – Indonesia

Anambas Islands Experiencing local hospitality and friendliness towards travelers is no longer as common as it once was in…

THE BLUE Sailing and Chartering Area

Snorkel with the fish and turtles after a leisurely sail to the beautiful tropical islands.The lagoons are teeming with bright corals and tropical fish, as well as beautiful giant clams and friendly green turtles.

South East Asia is a region of astonishing cultural diversity, encompassing hundreds of languages and dialects and the full range of religious beliefs, from indigenous faiths to all the major world religions.
The landscape is as varied as the culture. From bustling cities to remote hill villages, from mountainous rain-forests to deserted beaches and from ancient temples to markets bursting with unfamiliar ingredients, South East Asia has a broad appeal.