No Escape – Official Trailer – Paramount+

Paramount+ has generated excitement with the release of the official first trailer for its highly anticipated UK drama series, No Escape. Adapted from Lucy Clarke’s bestselling novel, the show revolves around Lana and Kitty, portrayed by Abigail Lawrie and Rhianne Barreto respectively, as they escape their lives in the UK and seek refuge on the captivating yacht, The Blue, situated in Southeast Asia. However, their idyllic getaway swiftly descends into a nightmarish ordeal when they unravel the yacht’s concealed secrets and enigmatic crew.

Produced by All3Media’s New Pictures, No Escape boasts an impressive cast ensemble. Alongside Lawrie and Barreto, the series features Jay Ryan, Sean Keenan, Colette Dalal Tchantcho, Elmo Anton Stratz, and Narayan David Hecter as The Blue’s intriguing crew. Susie Porter and Josh McConville portray Australian detectives investigating the mysteries surrounding The Blue, while Jake Macapagal embodies Captain Reyes of the local Filipino Police force, determined to uncover the truth behind the events onboard. Filmed on location in Thailand last year, No Escape promises an immersive viewing experience.

Kris Mrksa, the show’s writer, expressed his enthusiasm for the final product, describing it as breathtaking, gripping, and thrilling from start to finish. Viewers can anticipate being captivated by the series as it launches on Paramount+ in the near future. No Escape marks one of the first original UK dramas commissioned to debut internationally across Paramount+. The series is helmed by lead director Hans Herbots, known for his work on acclaimed productions such as The Serpent and Cobra. Executive producers Elaine Pyke and Willow Grylls from New Pictures join Mrksa in bringing this enthralling and suspenseful tale to life.

No Escape plot

No Escape delves into a gripping and suspenseful storyline that unfolds through a combination of present events and compelling flashbacks. The series centers around Lana (Abigail Lawrie) and Kitty (Rhianne Barreto), two best friends who have fled the UK and are now on the run from the law. As the narrative unfolds, glimpses into their past reveal a tragic event that forever prevents them from returning home.

In search of a fresh start and refuge, Lana and Kitty find themselves aboard a captivating yacht named The Blue, sailing through the mesmerizing landscapes of Southeast Asia. Initially, the allure of their new life seems perfect, and the young women eagerly immerse themselves in the romance and freedom of their surroundings.

However, tensions simmer beneath the surface as conflicts arise between skipper Aaron (played by Jay Ryan) and other members of The Blue’s crew, including his younger brother Denny (Sean Keenan). The seemingly glamorous and enigmatic crew members reveal a darker side characterized by hidden desires and avarice. Disturbing discoveries unfold, leading to a tragic death within their midst, placing Lana and Kitty in imminent peril.

The unfolding events take a dramatic turn as a distress call is made, and the police in northern Australia discover the yacht deserted. The haunting question arises: how did the once-promising dream life of Lana and Kitty spiral into such dire circumstances?

No Escape masterfully weaves together the mysteries of the past and the dangers of the present, captivating viewers with its suspenseful narrative and compelling characters. As the series progresses, the truth behind the girls’ fateful journey unfolds, revealing the enthralling web of deception, greed, and danger that surrounds them. Prepare for a thrilling and heart-pounding ride as No Escape keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, uncovering the secrets and perils that await Lana and Kitty in their ill-fated pursuit of freedom.


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